PLANTING to create a tree-lined gateway to a Purbeck town has taken place and green campaigners are appealing for public support.

The Sustainable Swanage group is looking to sponsor ten of the 20 Oak trees that were planted along Swanage High Street by Dorset Council at the end of November.

The remaining trees have been provided under Dorset Council's policy of replacing previously felled trees.

Swanage Town Council deputy mayor Avril Harris said: "This is an exciting and positive project for the town during these difficult times and it’s a contribution to our efforts to address the climate and ecological crises, which Swanage Town Council takes seriously.”

Sustainable Swanage was established as part of the Purbeck town's efforts to become a more sustainable community, working to reduce waste – in particular plastic waste – and champion green schemes.

It is hoped to create a tree-lined gateway to Swanage between The Swanage School and Emmanuel Church.

Dorset Council arboriculture manager Steve Maros said: "Trees in urban areas have a vital role to play in ensuring that our towns are enjoyable and habitable to live in.

"They bring many other benefits including; filtering of airborne dust and pollution, absorbing traffic noise, reducing temperature extremes, increasing privacy in residential roads and providing shade.

"They also play an important role in nature conservation by providing food and nesting sites for birds, insects and other animals and very importantly they provide many psychological and health benefits."

Meanwhile, a Sustainable Swanage spokesman said: "It is often difficult to reconcile tree planting with other needs required in urban areas such as roads, footpaths, street lighting, cycleways and utility services.

"These items do not always co-exist harmoniously with trees and because trees in urban areas are under enormous pressure and Dorset Council are trying to compensate for this by seeking to plant trees in verges wherever it is practicable."

Visit to help sponsor one of the trees.