IN MOMENTS of stress my loving, church-going, intelligent grandmother would hold her head in her hands and mutter mutinously, “Help, help, she cried, and waved her wooden leg.”

It was a quote from somewhere and meant she was at her wits end – a feeling with which many of us are familiar in these difficult days of disease, death, and despair, leaving us wondering if things will ever return to normal.

They WILL; if you think back, they always do.

Some of us will have to adjust to changed lives without loved ones as people had to after the last century’s two world wars.

Others may struggle with mental or physical ill-health, lack of work and financial insecurity.

But if we have learnt nothing else from this terrible experience, we now know that we ALL matter, to each other, and to that mysterious, invisible, presence we call God.

In times of danger few people don’t pray; it’s an instinct as normal as breathing; and although we may not recognise God in the response, he is there, often working through others, reassuring, comforting, supporting, and indicating the way to safety.

Pray, and you will find you are not alone.


Corfe Castle.