OFFICERS are urging members of the public to come forward if they know the whereabouts of 10 people who are wanted by Dorset Police.

1. Adam Larkin - aged between 25 - 30, wanted in connection with alleged wounding or other act endangering life.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Adam Larkin. Picture: Dorset PoliceAdam Larkin. Picture: Dorset Police

Larkin without warning allegedly punched a woman in the face with sufficient force to knock her off her feet on Corhampton Road, Bournemouth.

He is then said to have struck her at least another two more times before her head stuck the pavement.

2. Maxence Bonte - aged 25 - 30, wanted in connection with alleged trafficking in controlled drugs, in St Mary Street, Weymouth.

Bonte is wanted three times for concerns in supply of drugs, possession of offensive weapon and threatening behaviour.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Maxence Bonte. Picture: Dorset PoliceMaxence Bonte. Picture: Dorset Police

3. Tobias Gent - aged 25 - 30, wanted in connection with an alleged common assault, in Cunningham Place, Bournemouth.

Gent is wanted for allegedly assault care home staff and breaching his electronic tagging conditions.

4. Kasey Bloom - aged 20 - 25, wanted on warrant for alleged possession of knuckle duster, two common assaults and three counts of shoplifting, in Barrack Road, Bournemouth.

5. Kamil Filpiak - aged 30 - 35, wanted for failing to appear at court for alleged offences - two common assaults, one count of drunk and disorderly and shoplifting, in Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Kamil Filpiak. Picture: Dorset PoliceKamil Filpiak. Picture: Dorset Police

6. Joseph Parrish - aged 35 - 40, wanted for in connection with alleged counts of sending offensive messages, threatening behaviour, criminal damage and traffic related offences, in Liederbach Drive, Verwood.


7. Stephen Mertens - aged 65 - 70, wanted for allegedly breaching legal orders in relation to miscellaneous sexual offences, in Dudley Gardens, Bournemouth.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Stephen Mertens. Picture: Dorset PoliceStephen Mertens. Picture: Dorset Police

8. Stephen Banford-Jones - aged 40 -45, has been recalled to prison for breaching his licence conditions. He is also wanted for failing to attend court for alleged shoplifting on November 13 last year.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Stephen Banford-Jones. Picture: Dorset PoliceStephen Banford-Jones. Picture: Dorset Police

9. Alan Jenkins, aged 55 - 60, has been recalled to prison for breach of conditions. He is wanted for alleged breach of sex offenders' register.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Alan Jenkins. Picture: Dorset PoliceAlan Jenkins. Picture: Dorset Police

10. Ifran Kana, aged 35 - 40, has been recalled to prison after allegedly failing to attend appointments with supervising officer, failed to reside as approved and displayed poor behaviour.

Swanage and Wareham Voice: Ifran Kana. Picture: Dorset PoliceIfran Kana. Picture: Dorset Police

Police are asking the public if they have information on the whereabouts of these individuals, they can stay anonymous by contacting the charity Crimestoppers on freephone 0800 555 111 or use their anonymous online form at: