ACCORDING to BCP and Dorset councils there is a climate emergency in Dorset.

This might come as a bit of a surprise given there is no obvious evidence to support this claim but as both sets of councillors have passed motions to that effect it clearly must be true.

BCP Council's propaganda department produced an article on climate change in a recent edition of BCP News as support for the councillors.

Unfortunately none of the claims made in the article had any specific relevance to any climate change in Dorset.

I asked both of my councillors, Dove and Williams, why they believed there was a climate emergency in the BCP area?

Both replied with the bizarre answer that it was personal.

I also asked them what difference the measures the council was proposing to take would make to the climate in this area.

Neither knew, despite voting for the motion.

Drew Mellor, when questioned, simply hid behind statements from senior council officers that they did not have the knowledge to verify whether any claims were correct but it was acceptable to print them regardless.

At a time of genuine crisis you would have thought that this pointless virtue signalling would have been put to one side but clearly not in Dorset!

J Kirk