ONLY 30 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Dorset in the latest 24-hour period.

Department of Health and Social Care figures show 17 cases were recorded in the BCP Council area and 13 cases within the Dorset Council area in the 24-hours up until 4pm on Monday, March 15.

This means that in BCP, since the start of the pandemic, 24,944 coronavirus cases have been officially recorded.

In the Dorset Council area 11,507 cases have been confirmed since March 2020.

The number of cases in the BCP area over the latest rolling seven-day period is 131, with a rate of 33.1. In Dorset 136 cases have been confirmed in the last past seven days. The case rate is 35.9.

In the New Forest there were 11 new cases. The total in the district since the pandemic started is 6,007. A total of 43 cases have been seen in the past seven days and the case rate is 23.9.