DORSET Police have warned people using online banking to be aware of fake emails asking for updated payment details.

Police are asking people to 'be wary' of the fake emails as well as any notifications stating an account is 'on hold', and to not click on any suspicious links.

Criminals are using seemingly official logos in to lure people in so they provide their details willingly, according to police.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: "Be wary of fake emails asking you to update your payment details or personal information.

"Emails received may state that your account is 'on hold' due to payment issues with links provided leading to genuine-looking websites designed to obtain your login details.

"Criminals often use seemingly official logos to convince you that emails are genuine and so it’s important that you challenge whether they could be fake.

"Don’t automatically click on links and always login to your account directly using a secure webpage or app.

"If you receive a scam email forward it to:"