SWANS fell to a narrow 10-8 defeat against Wimborne in the semi-final of the Dorset & Wilts Cup.

In a low-scoring contest, the sides were forced into extra-time with Wimborne snatching victory in the dying moments.

In the first 20 minutes, penalties were conceded by both sides but a few minutes later, a penalty to Wimborne brought them into Swans’ 22.

From a line-out, the ball was scrambled over the try line out wide to give the home team a five-point lead.

Swans then put pressure on the hosts’ try line and from a scrum on the Wimborne line, Swans scrum-half Will Slack went over to equal the scores after 30 minutes.

The second half was virtually no event, as neither side came close to scoring, with several injuries on each side interrupting the play.

That meant the contest went into 10 minutes each way of extra-time.

In the 88th minute, Swans were awarded a penalty and, from 40 metres, fly-half Steve Woolley slotted it over to give Swans an 8-5 lead.

But in the second half of extra time a penalty after 96 minutes put Wimborne into Swans’ 22.

After a series of penalties against Swans, eventually Wimborne scored a try in the last minute of the game out wide.

That gave Wimborne a passage into the final against Salisbury, which will be played at Swans’ home ground at Bestwall on Saturday

Swans: Barton, Crouch, Ferguson, Demescio, Dillon, Woolley, Slack, Wyburgh Foskett, Audley, Ginders, Penney, Elford, Roberts, Seaton, Waterman, Vosanbole, Peters, Spencer.