THE developer has jumped the gun by announcing that turbine blades will be manufactured on the Isle of Wight before the government has even taken a decision on his application to build the wind farm (‘Taller turbine plan’, Daily Echo May 22).

Without planning consent and a positive investment decision, which occurs at a much later stage, this is merely an empty bribe to the island.

The recent propaganda has also claimed a fall in the number of turbines, so reducing impact. This is far from the truth because the 121 turbines, now hailed by the company as a massive reduction, were in fact part of the application made a year ago, i.e. 121 turbines of 8 MW amounting to installed capacity of about 970 MW.

All that has happened is that the company now say the choice has been made for fewer, larger units.

This is simply in order to maximise their profits, not to reduce impact, which would actually be greater. A stronger industrialisation of the seascape with what is the world’s biggest turbine.

The other main falsehood was the lack of damage to the area on the grounds that other wind farms around the coast have been no problem. Utterly wrong.

The others are tiny by comparison (smaller, fewer turbines), generally downwind of the shoreline (less noise), not backlit by the sun (less prominent), with a small fraction of the objections against Navitus Bay (Brighton less than 10 per cent) and not a single one in such a place as this, with its need to guard the Jurassic Coast.

BILL HOODLESS, deputy chairman, Poole and Christchurch Bays’ Association