On 18 June I was grateful to see the responses to my recent letter about creation and evolution, but must respectively disagree that there are many kinds of valid truth.

Biblical 'truth' is clearly inaccurate about the actual age, nature and structure of the universe as discovered by science. Surely this is odd that 'God's words' give such an erroneous description of his own 'creation' rather than simply 'telling it as it is'. Isn't it more likely that the description came from the inadequate knowledge of past humans?

As for spiritual 'truth', it is similarly fanciful, lacking in evidence and explainable as subjective, human-centred imaginings.

In contrast, scientific truth is based upon objective, empirical study, variable findings and even accurate predictions, all of which underpin our complex understanding of things and our advanced civilisation.

Next time I travel by plane or have an operation, I know which truth I'll be trusting

William Dortman