HAVING read the article written by Charles Hill dated October 29, I feel impelled to ask him to reason with a differing point of view.

Being a resident of Harman’s Cross (by the way age under 50! We are not all old here) I have three children.

I have had to endure a daily worry of my children walking from our lane to the school bus near the Moonfleet garage.

This incurs 200 yards on the road as there is no pavement (so there is not a pavement throughout Harman’s Cross) I have numerous accounts from my children of near-misses to them and excessive speed.

I invite you to walk our death route! And as regards the bunching, well thank goodness for that, I now have a much better chance of getting out of my drive alive.

Thank you to those who are adhering the speed limit as it ensures those behind you have to also.