MAY I through your medium take this opportunity to thank the Post Office for the repositioning of the letter box from the square at Corfe Castle to a hidden spot down Station Road.

I feel there must have been a great deal of time and thought put into the move.

We have a many pensioners in the village who will be forced to cross the road if they wish to post a letter.

I have been told that the parish council, the people in the Post Office and the villagers knew nothing of this move, nor did the people in the Post Office, also the villagers.

We have many pensioners living in East Street and Townsend who walk to the village on the side which has the best footpath. This means they have to cross the road when arriving to the square. I feel that with the letter posters and the train passengers crossing, the lights will be red most of the time.

Most times of the year Corfe has visitors by the hundreds. Their first stop will be the sweet shop or the National Trust shop, where a good percentage of them will buy a postcard and stamp.

Next move is to roam around the already congested square to look for the post box.

This only adds to the amount of time the lights on the crossing will be red. Once the letters are posted they make the journey back to the square, along with the passengers off the train. The lights are red again.

The letter box has long been a part of the square, and at least the parish council should have been informed of this move.

I have the feeling that Post Office head office knew nothing of the change, and it was done by Wareham sorting office alone.

Perhaps a safety officer should have been informed of this move, as it is most dangerous on the exit of Station Road and the bend around the Banks Arms.