‘PUNISHED’ by central government! It could be said that Dorset Conservative councillor Robin Cook (see Advertiser 21/1/2016) has woken up rather too late to the fact that the Conservative government is putting vital county services at risk by slashing funding to local authorities.

Your readers may recall that last September none other than David Cameron expressed his disappointment at cuts being made to services in his own constituency.

In a letter to the Conservative leader of Oxfordshire County Council the prime minister wrote: “I was disappointed at the long list of suggestions floated to make significant cuts to frontline services.”

So Robin Cook and the other 26 Conservative councillors who dominate Dorset County Council are in select company. Unfortunately, the horse has already bolted.

Robert Gould, Dorset council leader, refers to “serious implications” for Dorset.

Which sections of our community will, in turn, be punished in the months ahead? Where will the axe fall? How prepared are our councillors and Dorset MPs to confront their own political masters on behalf of local people?


High Street, Swanage