It was interesting to read in this week's Advertiser of the visit by our PCC to Swanage, he obviously enjoyed seeing 15 motorists caught exceeding the limit, I wonder how many of these were really a danger and how many were inadvertently just over the limit, never mind it all helps with police funding. I was glad that he appreciates the team of pretend policemen, Aka Community Support Officers, that replace the real police he was so happy to remove with very little consultation.

Not that it was in any way the result of his action that Laura fought for and obtained the state park, but I am glad that he thinks it a worthwhile replacement for youth workers. Her work in all weathers fund raising deserves all the support she can get.

Maybe I'm just a bit syndical, heaven forbid, or maybe all this is because it's just time for him to be re-elected again! I seem to remember that this vote had the lowest turnout ever.

I wonder if this time Mr Underhill's efforts will galvanise the voting masses to turn out and choose an effective PCC.

John Ringrose