THE Pines Hotel, Burlington Road, is to be roundly applauded for their extensive efforts in cliff stabilisation and in making a valiant attempt to save the hotel from a possible demise caused by the elements.

The Pines Hotel is an asset to the town.

But the whole town has had to accommodate the Pines in its efforts, assisting in hopefully achieving a satisfactory conclusion to the cliff engineering work.

All of the townspeople have been inconvenienced in some way.

From cyclists endangered by vans passing the line of industrial cabins, motorists that have had to delay passage in deference to oncoming traffic, to pedestrians who have had to carefully time their passage to avoid a soaking from an passing car.

Not forgetting the noise of the empty and laden lorries racing along the water’s edge, announcing the new tidal alarm clock of low water.

Perhaps the Pines Hotel might re-open their car park gate to walkers for the old coastal route.

A fitting thank-you gesture.


Burlington Road, Swanage