MY reply to ‘My burning question’ from New Zealand resident and Swanage native Will Bingham (Postbag, May 19).

‘Now that the fossil fuel-funded climate deniers have well and truly been cast into the slop bin of stupid ideas and misinformation I was just wondering when the very well appreciated Swanage Railway will be turning its back on the very antisocial practice of burning coal?’

In answer to your question. You need to realise that it’s the white man’s great iron horse, belching its filthy stinking fumes, with its roaring fossil-fuelled heart of fire, its massive clanking iron con rods smelling of hot oil that draws the railway enthusiasts to Swanage.

Replace it with diesel or electric power and you’ll have a typical mundane railway that can be found anywhere.

So the answer is, I hope, never. No date needed.