RE Mr Dortman’s letter on June 23 (What about other faiths?).

We can readily respond to his queries about God making mistakes. All the world’s monotheistic religions agree that God – or Allah – is just and all-knowing. He can’t possibly make mistakes.

Mistakes over the creation of the universe are the fault of humans who have misunderstood how we interpret the Old Testament.

Nobody, neither the Archbishop of Canterbury or the newest member of the church has the right to decide how, or where, anybody will spend eternity. We have to trust that a loving God will make just decisions about our destiny.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to know which spectacles to wear when reading the earlier parts of the Old Testament.

It is in part Jewish history but also looks forward to the coming of the Messiah. I recommend that Mr Dortman reads the New Testament. Start by reading John’s Gospel in a modern version.