DAVID Leadbetter (Postbag, Dec 15) makes the assumption that those of us who choose to read “populist” newspapers are influenced by their content. The intelligent among us will not believe everything we read, or be hoodwinked by the rhetoric of politicians.

Newspapers need to make money, hence they print headlines that sell. Most national newspapers also write what their readers want to read. Perhaps the brain dead will be brainwashed by such things, but a large majority of the population are not stupid.

There will be many like myself who enjoy their daily newspaper, take much of it with a big pinch of salt. The same people will have a mind of their own and if they voted Brexit, likely it had a lot to do with rescuing our country from an undemocratic crazy EU super state.

That’s just my opinion, equally valid as the next man’s. So let us all respect each other’s viewpoint and be less eager to judge others for their choice of newspaper, or what influenced them to vote.


Hoburne Park, Swanage