Parliament reassembles for just a fortnight in September and at long last there are opportunities for questions to ministers on the worrying situations across the Middle East and Ukraine and, closer to home, the shocking revelations about the failure to protect vulnerable children and young people in Rotherham.

At the time of writing this article, there is speculation about the introduction of new anti-terrorism measures. It was shocking to hear of the killing of the American journalist, James Foley, and the numbers of British jihadists in Iraq and Syria. Clearly we have to take more action but in a carefully considered way, looking to the longer term as well as the immediate dangers.

Throughout the last few weeks I have been lobbied by a large number of constituents to attend various debates this week.

They include mitochondrial IVF techniques, puppy farming, and the bedroom tax.

Mitochondrial disease is passed from mother to child and is incurable. Scientists see a way to eliminate it using donor DNA but this has set off a debate about ‘three-parent babies’ and is opposed by some people but supported by groups such as the Muscular Dystrophe Campaign.

I plan to listen carefully to the debate. I have only received representations in one direction on puppy farming, calling for this to be stopped along with the subsequent sale of puppies from this source in pet shops.

I have never been a dog owner and this campaign has really drawn my attention to some horrific practices.

I voted against the introduction of the bedroom tax and I do want to see it modified but I suspect this will not happen until after the general election.

There are always debates, committees and meetings taking place at the same time in Parliament and so it is not always possible to meet all requests for attendance at particular events, but I do pledge to do my best.

I do appreciate constituents drawing my attention to issues which are important to them.

Also this week, I shall be leading a debate on child poverty and social mobility, with particular reference to the role that education can play.

On this note I would like to especially congratulate local students on their recent GCSE and A-level results.