Although this Parliament may be drawing to a close, ‘difficult’ votes continue to take place.

Last week saw the completion of the Report Stage and Third Reading of the Infrastructure Bill in the House of Commons.

I was extremely pleased that the government accepted an amendment, which I supported, to implement a walking and cycling strategy.

However, the main discussion centred on fracking.

I would describe myself as a fracking sceptic and so I was pleased that the government did agree to support a range of environmental safeguards.

However, my doubts remain and so I supported an amendment, suggested by Friends of the Earth, for a moratorium.

I believe this would have protected communities up and down the country from the risks of fracking, and prevented a new fossil fuel from adding to the crisis of climate change.

There were only around 50 MPs who supported this option.

This week we have a vote on regulations relating to mitochondrial donation.

I have received many representations on this issue, both for and against.

There is the potential to prevent women affected by mitochondrial disease passing the condition on to their future children but there are ethical issues to be considered.

These include the view that three-parent babies will be created and that it is a slippery slope to ‘designer’ babies.

I shall be listening to the debate very carefully before deciding how to vote.

One very different and light hearted vote resulted in our family cat, from the excellent Margaret Green Rescue Centre, being elected Purr Minister for 2015!