BBC's Silent Witness teased the return of one of the founding members of the cast for its 25th series next year.

Right after the credits had rolled on the final episode of the 24th series last night a short clip showed Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) receiving a call.

It turns out it was from Professor Sam Ryan (played by Amanda Burton), who had appeared in the first eight series of the programme, asking her for help.

It was confirmed that Burton would come back to the series for the first time after leaving in 2004.

She had the primary character when Silent Witness first began in 1996 and had appeared in 54 episodes.

Burton said: “I am so excited to be returning to Silent Witness and stepping back into Sam Ryan’s shoes - with a difference!

"Audiences can look forward to plenty of twists and turns as they discover what Sam’s been doing since leaving the Lyell.”

Amanda will join fellow cast members Fox, David Caves (Jack Hodgson) and Genesis Lynea (Simone Tyler) for six brand new episodes which will mark the 25th Anniversary of the long-running drama.

Fox said: “It is such a delight and thrill to be working with Amanda. To have Sam Ryan back again at the heart of the show is the greatest way of all to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Silent Witness.”

What was the reaction on Twitter to Sam's return?

Fans of the show were estatic to see that Sam Ryan was coming back.


Another posted the post-credits scene on Twitter saying: "Going to be playing this on loop until we get S25".

Some who had not been particularly satisfied with the 24th series final were still happy to see Burton's character back on screen.

One wrote: "Ok Silent Witness, I’ll forgive you for this weird series after hearing the news that Amanda Burton is back next year."